About Us

Welcome to Orkafit UK!

As the owner of Orkafit UK I have been training for the last 27 years and not only has exercise been a core part of my physical health, it has also been a huge part of my mental health. Staring in martial arts form the age of 13, I competed diligently until an injury 8 years later where my focus shifted to weight training. Since then I have been a lifelong gym goer, always looking to maximise workouts and push myself wherever I can.

It is this experience that has lead me to Orkafit, where we provide useful tools to start you on your fitness journey, rubust equipment to help you progress your workouts and to hit your personal bests, and also rehab equipment, that can help speed recovery post-injury and accessories to potentially reduce the likelihood of injury through exercise. 

We hope your find what you are looking for here at Orkafit, and if we don't have it, we'll do our best to get it! 

Good luck on your fitness journey, let's make that change to a better life and a better you!

Kyle, Orkafit UK Owner